Go Green Team!

Carnation Elementary Honored by King County Green Schools for Commitment to Environmental Sustainability!

This article provided courtesy of Carnation Elementary teacher Dani Geitzke and King County Green Schools.

In 2022-23, Carnation Elementary in Riverview School District showcased their commitment to environmental sustainability.
Here we highlight some current Green Schools efforts:
The installation of a vibrant “science garden” in 2023 is living classroom for hands-on learning and cultivating a deep appreciation for nature among students.
The implementation of reusable towels in classrooms is an ambitious systems change that minimizes paper waste and promotes eco-friendly habits in daily activities.
Educators have incorporated classroom sustainability features, including individual student reusable hand towels that are used to dry hands after washing. Hand towels are washed weekly by the custodian and teachers.
The introduction of worm bins in multiple classrooms underscores Carnation Elementary’s proactive stance on composting and waste reduction. For example, a worm bin on a rolling cart in Kelsey Bohl’s classroom is used to collect compost scraps from snack time.
In addition to the efforts highlighted here, the school has an active and recognized student Green Team, with over 70 students involved! During lunchtime students support waste sorting and education for fellow students and staff.
Carnation Elementary is at the forefront of sustainability, engaging in discussions with the school district to pioneer compost collection in the cafeteria, with an aim to set an example for neighboring schools. The Green Team’s collaboration with the district aligns with their vision of expanding Green Schools initiatives and fostering a culture of environmental consciousness.

Thank you to the Carnation Elementary Green Team for all they are doing to promote sustainability, teach important environmental practices and educate our students on how they can improve the world around them.



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